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Islamic Chamber Halal Certification Services

What is the ICHCS?
ICHCS stands for Islamic Chamber Halal Certification Services. ICHCS services include Halal certification of food and cosmetics, and extends beyond that to help certified producers grow their business. ICHCS owns a globally registered Halal Certification Mark, a complete online auditing and certification platform, and a Halal commerce directory. Where is the ICHCS Halal Certification Mark applied? It’s legally registered in Europe, Americas, some countries in Asia and Africa, and can only be used following a successful audit and fulfilment of requirements. The Halal Mark includes a QR code so that consumers can verify its authenticity. Being the certification arm of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (an organ of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation [OIC], which is the second largest organization in the world after the UN) gives our certificate an international flavour and trustworthiness.

Is this a growing need?
Most definitely! The global food market is estimated at 7.8 trillion dollars with an annual growth rate of 3.8%. How much of that do you think is the Halal food trade? 5%? 10%? No, it’s 17%! This amounts to around 1.8 trillion dollars. Moreover, the Halal food market is growing at almost double the market rate at 6.7%. This creates a huge opportunity for the whole Halal food supply chain. So there is a clear need for an internationally acceptable compliance mechanism. Muslim consumers around the world are demanding an authentic, fully verifiable, and unified certification system that ensures food products are processed according to Islamic Sharia Law.

Why are you present at the Free From Food Expo in Barcelona?
Our goal is to increase awareness about the Halal food industry and its business opportunities, and ultimately to help more Muslims find more Halal products. We want to explain to potential partners that with ICHCS they only need to conduct a single audit and it gives them wide recognition and international coverage.

ICHCS, Mohamed Sheha, Commercial Manager

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