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Interview Packaging Cluster

What is The Packaging Cluster and its objectives?
The Packaging Cluster is a non-profit association that promotes the competitiveness of the packaging sector in Catalonia. The Cluster was born in 2012 and has grown to be one of the biggest associations in the packaging industry in the south of Europe. We now have more than 120 associate members and an international visibility. We work with three different strategies: networking activities, R&D collaboration projects, and training & consulting services. Currently we are working on 15 projects, eight of which are related to sustainability.

Can you give some examples of successful projects?
One is the Circular Pack, which is a joint initiative with the Foodservice Cluster to create a 10-point guide to the circular economy and eco-design. The aim of the document is to support companies that are part of the food packaging value chain: packaging manufacturers, packers, distributors, restaurants and recyclers. Another is the Recyclability Certification project. It aims to help companies understand the recyclability of their packaging through a comprehensive analysis to promote the circular economy. A pilot test was carried out with companies from different sectors. The objective was to analyse the recyclability of their packaging in order to be able to communicate it honestly and transparently. This project enables improved and more recyclable packaging.

How do you stand out from other companies seeking to support innovative collaboration between packaging companies, manufacturers and retailers?
We have built up specialized knowledge in the field of packaging: from the suppliers of raw materials to the final product. And we have ten years of experience in developing innovation projects. In addition, the Cluster is very well connected with the whole ecosystem of companies and with other sectors, which allows it to find strategic partners for these projects. The Cluster carries out an integral management of the entire project, with the aim of improving the competitiveness and value of companies. At the same time The Packaging Cluster is an instrument for the dissemination of projects through our access to the general and specialised press.

What do you hope to achieve at the FFF expo in Barcelona?
The main goal of being present in Barcelona is to increase our visibility and promote the Packaging Cluster as a vital part of the ecosystem for companies in the free from sector. We are focusing on sustainability projects and sustainability innovations and there is great interest in these topics and how packaging companies can best support the transition to sustainability.

Packaging Cluster, Carlos Jiménez, Circular Economy Project Manager

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