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Interview Maria Diet SL

Maria Diet, a European manufacturer of organic food and food supplements, recently introduced two new doughnut-shaped chocolate bakery products. Mr Sane Organic is an organic certified product; all ingredients come from organic agriculture and are 100% natural. Mr Sane No Added Sugar is a sugar-free, low-fat product.

Who is your target audience for these products?
They are both gluten-free and dairy-free so are ideal for people who have to – or choose to – remove gluten and/or dairy from their diets. But they are perfect for anyone who fancies a healthy breakfast or a snack during the day or on-the-go. They are particularly popular with athletes and children!

What has been the market response to date?
Very positive! Mr Sane can now be found in countries such as Spain, Belgium and Italy, and in major supermarket chains like Aldi.

How do you see the lactose-free market in Europe evolving?
It’s continuing to grow positively, but fairly slowly. Only a few companies throughout the world are investing in producing dairy-free products because it’s such challenging work.

How are you solving the challenge of ensuring outstanding flavour in your gluten-free products?
An important advantage of Mr Sane is its exceptional flavour. This is due to its delicious chocolate coating. We don’t use a chocolate alternative but real, pure chocolate. Not only does it have an amazing taste but it has a great crunchy texture.

How do your products stand out in a highly competitive marketplace?
We insist on using the best ingredients we can find. This gives our products high quality. So our customers come back for more!

What is your goal in exhibiting in Barcelona?
We want to promote these two Mr Sane products to new markets so we can reach new customers who haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet.

Are you launching any other new products in Barcelona?
Yes, we are … but it’s a surprise that will be revealed at the Innovation Gallery. But here’s a clue: it’s revolutionary, it’s rich in probiotics, and it’s highly versatile! So come along and discover what it is!


Maria Diet SL, Maria Cano, Account Manager

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