Ecoterra offers healthy foods and ingredients, obtained from agrosystems that promote animal welfare, environmental sustainability and fair trade with local farmers. Ecoterra pioneered free-range egg production in Chile, becoming the first Certified Humane producer in the country. In 2014 Ecoterra began partnering with local farmers under a fair trade system. Since its founding in 2011, Ecoterra has promoted sustainable and ethical practices in food production, expanding its business model to milk, goat milk and plant-based food products. Ecoterra is a certified B company and has HACCP, Certified Humane and organic certifications. Current portfolio includes healthy products and ingredients such as cow and goat milk, butter, egg powder, milk powder, and dressings. We are also introducing our new brand Fair Foods by Ecoterra, with high-protein products including protein bars, egg protein powders, and protein omelette powders. All of these are obtained from ethical and sustainable sources. Selected Ecoterra products carry Certified Humane, and organic certifications.

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