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Interview Frusano

What is fructose intolerance?
One of the least known food intolerances is fructose intolerance, which occurs when your digestive system does not absorb or even digest fructose properly.

Are there different types of fructose intolerance?
There are two, which differ greatly in cause and symptoms. Type 1, the most common, is dietary fructose intolerance. This is when the intestine does not absorb fructose as it should. Symptoms include stomach ache, gas, bloating and diarrhea. Type 2, hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI), is a genetic condition in which people are born without an enzyme that breaks down fructose. HFI can cause serious illness because undigested fructose can build up in the body, damaging the liver and kidneys.

Is the solution merely to avoid eating fruit?
It’s not this straightforward as fructose is found in many more food products than fruit. For example, vegetables and grain products contain fructose. And let’s not forget that sucrose – the most common sugar used in our daily life and a constituent of many sweets and sugary drinks – is a disaccharide made of glucose and fructose.

What is Frusano’s objective?
Our goal is to enable any person with either type of fructose intolerance to be able to consume their favorite and preferred products without having to worry about the subsequent symptomatology. To reach this objective we offer an extensive product range of more than 90 fructose-free products. They include chocolate, spreads, syrups, beverages, candy, cookies and much more.

What new products are you introducing in 2022?
We are continually introducing new fructose-free products. For example, in 2020 we launched 12 new products, followed by five in 2021. To date in 2022 we have already launched eight new products including Papaya Spread, Organic Oat Crispies, Organic Vanilla Sugar, Stevia IceTea Peach, Organic Waffles, and three new praline flavors: Coconut, Strawberry and Red Currant.

What do you hope to achieve at the FFF expo in Barcelona?
Those who suffer from fructose intolerance often feel alone, so we would like to show them – and the industry – that there is a company full of people who are constantly working hard to support them and make their life a bit more enjoyable.

Frusano, Xevi Hernandez, International Business Development

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