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Functional Food

Food products with added performance- and health benefits. In a world constantly wanting to prolong the quality life and pursuing healthy living, functional food has been a growing trend for the last years. With additional protein for athletes, vitamins for health benefits or collagen for beauty features, functional products offer a personalized diet for every person’s needs. No surprise that this trend has been growing rapidly. Although not technically free from, the addition of specific nutrition makes functional food a segment very fitting with the Free From market. By adding new ingredients and nutriets or adding more of an existing ingredient or nutrient, Functional Food provides health benefits beyond it's basic nutritional value, typically health promoting, illness managing or disease preventing.

The 9th annual edition will give a platform to vitamins, nutritional and food supplements, sport-, nutrition-, protein-, dietary supplements and much more. This edition will be a great place for dieticians, health stores, bio- and mainstream retailers looking to match this trend.

Look at the Functional Exhibitors List to see what exhibitors you can expect to meet!

The Program is packed with professionals sharing their insights in trends, market analyses, tips and tricks, best and worst practices and much more.

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