At HARIO, we are devoted to delivering the highest quality products to our customers across the globe. We may have originally started out as manufacturers of heat-proof glass, but we aim to innovate and move forward.

With the release of our first coffee siphon in 1949, we moved into the wonderful world of coffee. We continued to experiment and improve, and in 2005, after a long development process, the V60 coffee dripper was released, taking the coffee world by storm.

The V60 uses a cone-shape, spiralled ribs and a single large hole in the bottom to give the brewer great control over the flow of water and air. This in turn allows for a lot of flexibility and control over the flavour of the coffee, making the V60 a great tool to experiment and get the best out of any bean. By the way, the V60 got its name from its conical ‘V’-shape and its 60-degree angle.

Of course, we don't just want to rest on our laurels! We strive to bring our customers the best we can give them, not only in the field of coffee, but tea, kitchenware and even glass jewellery!

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