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Foodiq Oy

Foodiq is a Finnish future food company with an aim to lead the new era of the plant-based products. We are the pioneers of producing and developing innovative and unique products in multiple product categories.  - Foodiq is driving the shift towards a plant-based food system. We help food companies create innovative plant-based dairy and dry-mix products. All natural, clean-label and packed with tasty flavours, colours and textures, ready for the future. The journey to explore the future of food starts in our Kitchen Lab. With thousands of recipes and hundreds of natural ingredients, our passionate lab team works closely with our clients to create tasty new flavors from scratch, clean up existing recipes from e-codes and additives, or develop plant-based versions of old favorites that taste as good as the original, or better. From the lab, we can go straight to production, with products ready for consumer testing within days, and a quick ramp up to large scale production capacity. In our plant-based dairy factory, we help food companies create innovative clean-label products for the fast-growing dairy alternatives market. Based on the latest research, we turn plant ingredients like oat, soy, almond and hemp into tasty new cheeses, creams, yogurts, crème fraiche and smoothies for different needs and niches. All natural, without e-codes and free from any artificial additives or preservatives. We have a special focus on plant-based snacks, food preparation and dessert products like protein puddings, fermented drinks and spreads. In our innovative dry line factory, we research, develop and manufacture a wide range of plant-based wellbeing and nutrition products, like sports protein and collagen powders, diet supplements, meal replacements and superfoods mixes. Adapting to our clients’ constantly changing needs, we’re also developing a new line for creating the next generation of plant-based snacks, like protein bars, superfood bars and meal replacement bars.

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