Eshbal du Barili

Eshbal Functional Food develops and manufactures advanced food products and dietary supplements, using diverse manufacturing and packaging methods customized to meet all customer needs with precision and accuracy. Eshbal was established as the Galam Packaging Company back in 1940 in Kibbutz Ma'anit, Israel, and was acquired in 2014 by a private group of investors from the food and food technology sector. About two years ago we established a subsidiary in Spain (Madrid). The Spanish company was established with the aim of bringing European consumers closer to the next generation of gluten-free products Our new brand - Eshbal Du Barili is our brand that treasures our philosophy that food should have added value and not just be free of one ingredient or another. Eshbal Du Barili products are gluten-free and equally delicious, nutritious, and functional for consumer health.

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