Duplaco is a Dutch company that reinvented farming to grow clean and rich Chlorella micro algae, packed with protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, without disturbing nature. Big impact, tiny footprint. Revitalising people & planet. Unicellular algae such as Chlorella are among the oldest forms of plant life on Earth. They are tiny plants with no roots, leaves or stems. They have inhabited our earth for about 2.5 billion years. In 1890 the Dutchman Beijerinck discovered the 2 billion years old one cell micro algae Chlorella. In 2015 Duplaco discovered a unique methodology to cultivate 100% clean Chlorella in a closed system. We have now ensured that these unicellular algae can be grown locally, in the Netherlands, and on a large scale of an annual 200-300 tons with the possibility to expand to 1500 tons, independent from weather or climate conditions.

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