Dr. Klaus Karg KG

Our philosophy is simple: We take selected ingredients and lots of time, and combine them with traditional baking artisanry to produce the authentic quality our customers appreciate so much. The roots of Dr. Klaus Karg KG lie in Wolkersdorf in Franconia in the 1950 founded village bakery. In 2000, the bakery started producing and selling delicious crispbread specialties under the leadership of CEO Dr. Klaus Karg. Thanks to selected ingredients, creative recipes and its unique, light consistency, Dr. Karg’s crispbread has become popular nationally and internationally. Our current product range includes delightfully crunchy wholegrain crispbread and convenient little wholegrain snacks. We produce both of these lines in organic as well as non-organic quality. Whether at home, in the office, at school, while studying or for trips – our products offer the best crunch for every occasion.

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