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Bob Snail

BOB SNAIL is a Ukrainian brand that`s all about Health&Fun.

The company make products that are innovative, natural, and tasty.

The ingredients list is short and clean - no added sugar, additives, colorants, or artificial

thickeners. Only fruit and berries.

The unparalleled product quality was achieved twofold:

1. By unconditional implementation of all the requirements of the EU food legislation.

2. Through consistent refinement of company’s top level quality management and food safety

system as required by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and IFS Food international standards.

The company exports products to more than 13 countries.

The BOB SNAIL main goal is to provide healthy and tasty fruit sweets for different consumer

types - from 5-month-old babies to 105-year-old grannies.

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